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Oregon WildCrafted Cannabis
Farm View

High Quality, Wildcrafted Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis

Farm View

At Dream Weaver Organics, we utilize the art of WildCrafting to make our own fertilizers and nutrients from foraging our 20 acre farm, 5 acres of which is forested, and where we also raise dairy goats, peacocks, chickens and have a small fruit orchard with various veggie and herb gardens. We make our own living soil through composting and master “poo-management” and surrounding our grow with wild areas that promote our naturally occurring predator bugs that control the others.

Often referred to as "no-till" or "permaculture" our living soil produces the best environments for our cannabis to grow with all the benefits of the wild and the science of knowing our genetics and what each strain wants to bring out their best aromas, flavors, and medicinal effects. Conscious Cannabis Cultivation


Growers With Unmatched Experience

Our Plant Whisperer can determine the health, growth, and even the mood of the plants.

"I give the girls what they need, when they ask for it. You just have to listen."

People claim to be growing 'organically', but we are serious when we say, "everything that touches our plants is 100% from nature."
Our Grower




Genetics by @OGMrLotus aka ILO (pronounced "EYE-low")



About Us

Our owners have over 47 years combined experience in healthcare and have seen many ways that our current healthcare system could benefit from adding cannabis treatment for a variety of ailments.

One owner is a Stage 3 Cancer survivor, which can give a unique perspective on the need for cannabis oil, especially oil that is derived without harsh chemical solvents and grown without chemicals that and can add to these sensitive patient’s chemical load.

Having access to cannabis oil that is hand-crafted, organic, and full of the many cannabinoids that affect our naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors that exist in every human being is gaining more and more importance as we learn exactly how cannabis produces the results that it does.

DW Organics Greenhouse